Top Real Estate agents working together to help you quickly attract more motivated buyers and, ultimately, secure a great offer for your home!

How Does YESMLS® Work?

Put simply, listing agents and brokers will list active properties on YESMLS® in their specific area or region. Buyer's agents search these listings to identify properties that meet their clients unique criteria, such as neighborhood, size, features, style, budget, and more. If you’re selling your home, a listing on YESMLS® will be shared with all YESMLS® members for the broadest distribution possible. If you’re buying a home, YESMLS® members will have the largest pool of homes for you to choose from.

Is YESMLS® a new brand or franchise?

No, YESMLS® is a business to business platform where real estate professionals from different brands and franchises work together to better serve their clients. You choose your own trusted real estate agent to work with, they take care of you and your property.

Aren’t Real Estate Agents competitors?

Yes, Real Estate Agents compete with each other for your business, but at the same time cooperate to help you buy or sell property. That unique concept of cooperating while competing led to the creation of the YESMLS® from within the real estate profession.

Customer first!

YESMLS® members work with the end in mind, finding the perfect client for your property, the perfect property for you!

Coming Soon Listings ...

Get info about new listings before anyone else! YESMLS® members get first access to listings that aren’t for sale yet, be the first to get informed by your YESMLS® Agent.

Why Choose a YESMLS® Agent

We provide full service at every step.


Choose one Agent, engage with the power of all YESMLS® agents to work with and for you.

Find quicker

Be the first to get the possibility to visit hot properties, find your dream home before it hits the market

Sell faster

More qualified buyers will be guided to your property, reach the largest audience possible

Want to become a YESMLS® Agent?

Let's work together to better serve our clients